About the teacher


Elizabeth is always optimistic that everyone has a beautiful, bold personality hidden under a cloak of low self worth or other hidden sabotaging stories, which this process helps to heal in a super easy and yet powerful way. She brings with her a warm, caring and expressive outlook. She thrives on creating spiritual, intuitive and out-of-the-box experiences for her students.


She’s personally driven by a profound sense of adventure and creativity, is curious, unconventional, and seeks new options. You can count on her to bring a surprising new twist to the normal.


Her approachable and transparent style makes her an ‘open book’. She intuitively understands ideas and feelings of others, and brings a dash of quirky humour to life.


In summary, she challenges the status quo, sees opportunities everywhere, and enjoys working against the grain.


The founding editor of LivingNow magazine, in 1989, and the author of the book, Seven Angels Helped Me – They'll Help You Too, Elizabeth has developed a simple and yet profound recipe for life, borne of many years of ups and downs in business and her personal life.

As editor of LivingNow she loved that people were finding options to improve their lives. Now, with these creative solutions, she's able to be even more effective in this objective.


Her many years in business – as both an employee and employer – have given her a strong business acumen, always tempered with her intuition, creativity and quirky humour..

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+ 61 480 252 877


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